About Harbour Place

Harbour Place is a registered charity (Charity no. 1068647) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company no. 3396688). We first opened our doors in December 1996.


The overall aim of Harbour Place is to support the homeless and other socially excluded groups across North East Lincolnshire (NEL). We strive to improve the health and well-being of our service users and support those who are homeless into permanent accommodation.

NEL is the 46th most deprived local authority in England, with half of the 107 LSOA’s in NEL ranked within the top 30% most deprived areas in England, and almost 20% of them ranked within the top 10%. Over 30,000 people in NEL are identified as income deprived, and over 11,000 are employment deprived.

Our clients are the homeless and other vulnerable groups. The definition of ‘homeless’ is wide and varied and may represent people who live in hostels or in temporary supported housing accommodation. ‘Street homeless’ is used to refer to rough sleepers and others who may have somewhere to sleep at night (e.g. a friend’s house, hostel where they cannot stay throughout the day, or night shelter) but do not have anywhere to go during the day. Rough sleepers are a sub-set of the street homeless population. As with ‘homeless,’ vulnerability covers a wide spectrum of people. Harbour Place clients include the homeless, those with mental health, dual diagnosis issues, individuals who use self-harm to cope with emotional distress, the lonely, the elderly, many people on low incomes and state benefits. All Harbour Place clients would be considered vulnerable in one way or another.

In the past 12 months, Harbour Place has worked with over 200 different homeless individuals and each year we work with over 500 individuals in total.

A key part of our activities include support and advocating on behalf of clients through signposting, referral and access to a wide range of statutory and voluntary sector agencies.

Since 2011, Harbour Place has operated a Street Outreach Team, and this function increased significantly in 2018, such that the team now consists of five full time staff members plus trained volunteers. This team identifies and connects with rough sleepers and builds relationships with service users, supporting them to bring positive change to their lives.

In September 2018, Harbour Place moved to new premises at The Hope Centre, Hope Street, Grimsby. These premises have given us the opportunity to further develop and extend the services that we can provide – most notably our new full time Night Shelter facility. This facility operates every night of the year and can accommodate up to 15 individuals each evening in a supportive and supervised environment.

The Night Shelter facility, Outreach and Support activities combine to provide a comprehensive support network which is essential to the most vulnerable in our community and we are achieving excellent outcomes.

Harbour Place is funded by a combination of donations, fundraising and various grants from statutory and charitable organisations. A key requirement for many of these grants is to clearly demonstrate HP’s ability to continue to:

  • assist street homeless individuals into accommodation;
  • deliver in-depth housing advice and support;
  • promote and support health and wellbeing;
  • improve client employability skills;
  • support volunteering that will improve life skills and employment opportunities.

Harbour Place has been highly commended for its outcome-based success over many years.

We have a team of 15 staff supported by 7 trustees and many volunteers, all of whom are extremely dedicated to this cause. Our decision-making process is straightforward due to the nature and size of the management and staff team. The strategic management of the project is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Project Director who consults on a regular basis with the Board of Trustees. Monitoring of outcomes for the project is carried by the Project Co-ordinators on a daily basis and recorded in line with Harbour Place procedures.

The Trustees and Management at Harbour Place are firmly committed to ensuring that services are delivered in the most effective way possible to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community receive the best support possible to bring positive change to their lives.


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