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Harbour Place Day Centre opened in December 1996. The organisation is a registered charity (charity no. 1068647) and company limited by guarantee (company no. 3396688).

Harbour Place Day Centre (HPDC) is a day centre for the homeless and other socially excluded groups. The overall aim of the project is to improve the health and well-being of the socially excluded and vulnerable people of North East Lincolnshire (NEL). In April 2011, Harbour Place was able to add to their services by starting the Street Outreach Project, this has become an invaluable part of the services provided by Harbour Place. You can find out more information about Street Outreach by going to Main Menu and clicking on the Street Outreach button.

Clients who use the facility are primarily from the East and West Marsh wards of Grimsby. The East Marsh is ranked in the top 1% of most deprived wards in the country with a Super Output area ranking of 64. 25% of the resident population lives in neighborhoods ranked amongst the top 10% most deprived wards in the country (source National Statistics).

A key part of the project’s activities include, supporting and advocating on behalf of clients through signposting, referral and access to a wide range of statutory and voluntary sector agencies. A recent survey of new clients to HPDC identified 175 as being homeless or in temporary accommodation.

The project beneficiaries are the homeless and other vulnerable groups. The definition of ‘homeless’ is wide and varied and may represent people who live in hostels or in temporary supported housing accommodation. ‘Street homeless’ is used to refer to rough sleepers and others who may have somewhere to sleep at night (e.g. a friend’s house, hostel where they cannot stay throughout the day, or night shelter) but do not have anywhere to go during the day. Rough sleepers are a sub-set of the street homeless population. As with ‘homeless,’ vulnerability covers a wide spectrum of people, those who come into HPDC are the homeless, those with mental health, dual diagnosis issues, individuals who use self harm to cope with emotional distress, the lonely the elderly, many people on low incomes and state benefits. From HPDC’s perspective the vast majority of its clients are vulnerable in one way or another.

The centre has received National Lottery funding since 2003 based upon delivering specific outcomes. Further, supporting the centres excellent reputation of delivering outcomes for the last six years was the five year funding from the BIG Lottery which covers nearly 50% of the centres overheads (January 2009 to December 2013). A key requirement for the Lottery panel was that the centre had to clearly demonstrate its ability to continue delivering smart outcomes relating to client employability skills, in depth housing advice and support, health and wellbeing together with supporting volunteering that will improve life skills and employment opportunities. The centre has been highly commended for its outcome based success over many years by the lottery.

HPDC has a team of 5 staff supported by 8 trustees and up to 18 volunteers. The decision making process is straightforward due to the nature and size of the management and staff team. The strategic management of the project is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Project Director who consults on a regular basis with the Board of Trustees. Monitoring of outcomes for the project is carried by the Project Co-ordinators on a daily basis and recorded in line with HPDC procedures.


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