Volunteer Value Statement

Harbour Place recognises and values the time and commitment provided by our team of volunteers. Our volunteers work alongside staff to support the homeless and socially excluded individuals of North East Lincolnshire in order to encourage positive choices. Harbour Place is dedicated to providing meaningful roles for the volunteers without emulating the work of a paid member of staff unless it is used as a learning tool. As much as the organisation and the local community benefits from the time and enthusiasm of volunteers, we believe that the volunteers are able to gain benefits from the experience too. To this end, volunteers have the right to a full induction at the beginning of their volunteering experience, on-going, individual development through appropriate training applicable to the role and on-going support, supervision and recognition from the staff.

Volunteering opportunities


A volunteer cook is needed to prepare and serve food items and refreshments.
Also to keep kitchen areas clean and tidy, to receive dinner tickets and refreshment monies from clients and to greet clients and visitors in a warm and welcoming manner.

We are looking to recruit a volunteer cook for a Friday and as a relief when other volunteers are off sick or on holiday

If you feel you are suitable then please complete the expression of interest form at the bottom of this page


A volunteer is needed to support vulnerable individual with basic needs, including showers, clothing, drinks, refreshments and a listening ear. The role will include opportunities for shower assistant, kitchen assistant and reception duty along with taking the lead on some activities such as bingo, snooker, Wii game competitions.
As part of a small team, our volunteers are asked to work to ensure that the centre is kept clean so some basic cleaning such as hoovering, wiping down, cleaning toilets is involved.


We are looking for a volunteer who is reliable and flexible. It would be a bonus if they were available at short notice when needed. If you feel you are suitable then please complete the expression of interest form at the bottom of this page.

We are looking for a centre assistant on a Wednesday and Thursday.

At Harbour Place we have a wonderful team of volunteers who give their time to support some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community. Please pause a moment to have a look

The-West-Marsh-Volunteer-Awards The West Marsh Volunteer Awards
visit-to-Lincoln-prison On a visit to Lincoln prison
Christmas-night-out-at-the-Coachhouse Our Volunteer Christmas night out at the Coachhouse
Our-Art-group-on-a-Friday Our Art group on a Friday
John-and-Chrissie-on-reception John and Chrissie on reception
some-of-our-fabulous-volunteers Just some of our fabulous volunteers
client-Christmas-meal Dave, one of our Trustees helping at the client Christmas meal

Here is what just a few of our volunteers have to say:

‘My time at Harbour Place has been a massive help to me during a really difficult time. I hated being out of work and coming to Harbour Place gave me a focal point to hang my week around. It kept me from wallowing in my own misery and I felt in some small way that I was part of an amazing, un-judging and supportive community’


‘I really like being here, it is more relaxed, it is the first time I have enjoyed a job for a very long time’


' I'm a volunteer staff member with responsibilities, working alongside a challenging and at times, difficult client group, I'm going to do my damned best to live up to it’

Volunteer testimonial



‘When I started volunteering at Harbour Place I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it was a homeless day centre where people could come in, get a shower, some breakfast and lunch and unlimited cuppas. I didn’t have much confidence but everyone was so friendly and welcoming I soon settled it. Harbour Place are very keen on professional development of its staff and volunteers and as a result I’ve been able to attend courses as diverse as kitchen hygiene and emergency first aid, to housing and benefit regulations to working with vulnerable people.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life (staff and service users alike) and made some lasting friendships. Being a volunteer at Harbour Place has given me my confidence back and I really enjoy working here. Its very rewarding knowing I’ve helped someone in some small way.

From Maggie

Volunteering at Harbour Place

Harbour Place is looking for volunteers for the daycentre and other projects. If you are interested in volunteering with Harbour Place please complete the expression of interest form below.  Alternatively contact the Volunteer Focussed Project Coordinator on 01472 344118.
If you would like to know more about other volunteering opportunities throughout North East Lincolnshire then please contact the Volunteer Centre at 01472 231123 or visit doit.org for all volunteering opportunities in North East Lincolnshire


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