Volunteer Value Statement

Harbour Place recognises and values the time and commitment provided by our team of volunteers. Our volunteers work alongside staff to support the homeless and socially excluded individuals of North East Lincolnshire in order to encourage positive choices. Harbour Place is dedicated to providing meaningful roles for the volunteers without emulating the work of a paid member of staff unless it is used as a learning tool. As much as the organisation and the local community benefits from the time and enthusiasm of volunteers, we believe that the volunteers are able to gain benefits from the experience too. To this end, volunteers have the right to a full induction at the beginning of their volunteering experience, on-going, individual development through appropriate training applicable to the role and on-going support, supervision and recognition from the staff.

Volunteering opportunities

We need people who have an interest of working in this sector to volunteer at Harbour Place to do Outreach Support work.  Hours would vary.

We need people who can be flexible in their approach and time they can give.  Hours available for volunteering would include early mornings, during the day or in and throughout the evenings. Hours and your availability would be discussed.

Training to do outreach work would be done within the Hope Street Centre.   We would expect people to have the time to commit to a program of training before undertaking any Outreach work in the community.  Again this would be discussed with you.

If you would like to find out more about these opportunities, please get in touch:

Please either fill in the online form below or contact:

Sue Davidson-Lamb
Tel: 01472 355234
Email: suedavidsonlamb@harbourplacegrimsby.org.uk

Dave Carlile
Tel: 01472 355234
Email: davecarlile@harbourplacegrimsby.org.uk

Here is what just a few of our volunteers have to say:

‘My time at Harbour Place has been a massive help to me during a really difficult time. I hated being out of work and coming to Harbour Place gave me a focal point to hang my week around. It kept me from wallowing in my own misery and I felt in some small way that I was part of an amazing, un-judging and supportive community’


‘I really like being here, it is more relaxed, it is the first time I have enjoyed a job for a very long time’


' I'm a volunteer staff member with responsibilities, working alongside a challenging and at times, difficult client group, I'm going to do my damned best to live up to it’

Volunteering at Harbour Place

Harbour Place is looking for day and night Outreach Support Volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering with Harbour Place please complete the expression of interest form below.  Alternatively contact us on 01472 355234.
If you would like to know more about other volunteering opportunities throughout North East Lincolnshire then please contact the Volunteer Centre at 01472 231123 or visit doit.org for all volunteering opportunities in North East Lincolnshire


Expression Of Interest


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